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Anti-money laundering processes are a pain - spreadsheets, misfiled PDFs, scanned docs, poor staff training, inconsistency, and no view on whether you’re doing it right!

MatrixVision provides a Compliance Management Portal to manage your client onboarding processes and client information.

Ready to use off-the-shelf

  • Anti-money laundering tools applicable in any jurisdiction
  • Businesses from small to large
  • No development needed
  • Robust ID verification, from $0.80 / check
  • Secure workflow manager, basic packages always free
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One Workspace - Evisafe

  • Because compliance is more than just IDs
  • Items checked
  • Questions asked, responses given
  • Risk assessment and reasons

EviSafe saves you admin. It streamlines your process, records everything you need to, keeps an audit trail, and makes responding to legal requests a breeze.

Sleep easy knowing it’s all there.

Easy Identity Checks - EasyID

Know your customer? Prove you know.

  • Robust, automated document verification checks
  • Global documents – every country supported
  • No annual contract – low volume solutions

Reduce onboarding costs thanks to automated document checks. You save staff time with your client uploading id directly from web, iOS and Android.

Fully scalable solution starting from a handful of checks needing no programming at all, up to real-time API for bulk verifications.

Why Matrixvision

We’ve developed EviSafe so that you and your developers can focus on what’s important – your core business.

“Roolo needed a way for users to submit and verify ID to boost their trust profile. As a start-up we were looking for a partner who would offer a flexible service where we could start with ID verification but expand to more comprehensive offering in time.

MatrixVision was the perfect solution for us. We had hands-on technical help with the integration and their staff were extremely responsive to all our requests. I can recommend them thoroughly.”

-Anthony Culligan, Roolo: a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading site

We’ve got years of compliance expertise and years of experience building secure systems for highly sensitive data. It doesn’t make sense for you to develop your own Compliance Process Management system, whether an in-house system or a kludge of Excel spreadsheets, Google docs and paperwork.  Try our system today.

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